We use only the finest ingredients

Each order you purchase from us is hand crafted and carefully packaged with love so you can send it to someone you hate.

Send a personalized post card

Every order of cheesy revenge comes with a free post card so you can send a message. Write anything you want. If not we'll send one anyways.

Ok i'm assuming you have questions by now...

No, it's not illegal to ship cheese in the mail. We call it Revenge because the cheese stinks like butthole by the time it gets to the person you address it to. We do this all anonymously so it can't be traced back to you only if you tell the person yourself. We'll even put a glitter bomb if you’re feeling fancy so you can really get the point across. They’ll be completely dumbfounded as to why someone would do something so horrible to them. We get hate mail all the time but we just laugh at it so keep spreading our good name so even more people hate us. 

let us send you stuff

No, we won't send you cheese..or will we? Enter your email to find out..

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